3 Steps To Free Up Android Internal Storage [2021 Review]

Hey guys, today am going to teach you how to free your android smartphones internal storage with no stress.


In this article am going to expose you a few document which you should delete to free up your android smartphones inner storage and avoid abnormal running.

Do you know that, the entire internal storage will virtually prevents you from downloading films, audio or installation new apps once it reaches the maximum number of GB.

You may not recognise this, there are some apps you established for your telephone that makes use of extra telephone storage region and some hone mainly cutting-edge ones do no longer deliver option that allows you to switch them to memory card.

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Here today, i will display you some unwanted file which could additionally certainly be ingesting up your garage and to the superb of our statistics, these are files want to be deleted to revel in your telephone.

All what you need now is to just comply with this simple steps.

Charge Mobile phone

Step One:

Open your phone document supervisor (file manager) and then  go to your smartphone internal storage

Step Two:

Now locate and click on whatsapp folder follow via media folder and whatsapp sticky label folder.

Step Three:

Now delete the entirety interior whatsapp decal and voice be conscious folder.

Don’t panic: this may now not affect your stickers or files, they’re stickers despatched through the usage of one of a kind groups to your whatsapp so, do not fear.

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Now open the inner storage, and test folders separately with big size, glide them to your sd card and you could free alot space.

Notice: If you circulate the *android folder* for your internal storage to other file or delete can affect your smartphone overall performance.

Phone freezing

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