Explained: How Israel’s Iron Dome intercepts rockets


Israel’s Iron Dome


Explanation of How Israel’s Iron Dome intercepts rockets

Rockets fired from Gaza were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system, according to videos posted on social media. The rockets seemed to be colliding with an unseen shield.

Both sides have used air strikes and missile attacks in the war between Israel and Palestine. On Tuesday evening, videos on social media showed Israeli Iron Dome air defense intercepting rockets fired from Gaza. The rockets seemed to be colliding with an unseen shield.


What is the Iron Dome?

It’s a short-range ground-to-air air defense system with a radar and Tamir interceptor missiles that track and intercept rockets and missiles aimed at Israeli targets. It can defend against missiles, artillery, and mortars (C-RAM), as well as planes, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles.


Iron Dome?
Iron Dome?


The genesis of the Iron Dome goes back to the 2006 Israeli-Lebanon war, when the Hezbollah fired thousands of rockets into Israel. The following year, Israel announced that its state-run Rafael Advance Systems would come up with a new air defence system to protect its cities and people. It was developed with Israel Aerospace Industries

In 2011, the Iron Dome was deployed. Rafael claims a success rate of over 90%, but analysts believe that the success rate is over 80% with over 2,000 interceptions. Rafael claims that it can “protect deployed and manoeuvring troops, as well as the Forward Operating Base (FOB) and urban areas, from a wide variety of indirect and aerial threats” on its website.


How does it work, and what makes it so effective?

The Iron Dome is made up of three main structures that work together to provide a barrier over the region where it is deployed, allowing it to deal with a variety of threats. It has a detection and tracking radar, a combat management and weapon control system (BMC), and a missile firing device to detect and monitor any incoming threats. The BMC serves as a communication link between the radar and the interceptor missile.

It can be used in all kinds of weather, both at night and during the day.


How Iron Dome work
How Iron Dome work

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