GAS Business Tools And Prices In Nigeria

Good day guys, today am going to list for you, the most useful GAS Business tools and prices in nigeria.

GAS cookers

GAS is now used in lots of homes as a supply of heat for cooking, it’s far a additionally every inexperienced, fee effective, environmentally quality and more secure in phrases of health.

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As greater humans undertake this method cooking and circulate beyond the technology of firewood and kerosene range.

It has grow to be greater critical for more youthful people to move into the corporation of selling fuel to satisfy no longer just needs but to make it less difficult for humans or consumers to without difficulty access it when needed.

To start a small gasoline business enterprise. you have to get this tools.


Atleast get 2 50kg fuel cylinder to shop the gas. each fee about 35,000 naira relying on your place but on a median you need to be able to get 2 for not anything greater than 80,000 naira.

Good scale.

Sure you may need the dimensions in particular the automatic one that is going for about 36, 000 naira.

Prolonged hose

You will need atleast 1m prolonged hose to transfer the gas to the client’s cylinder which may be gotten for less than 1000 or 1,two hundred naira.

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And you will additionally need some transfer valves for filling wonderful cylinders (camp switch and nido switch) each of them charge about n3000. and you will want virtually two kind

A few spanner.

You want spanner and display screen driver also can be desired which rate 300 naira and a couple of,000 naira respectively

Excellent clip

You will want to get a clip to tighten the hose in your gasoline cylinder used for storing the fuel.

Gas Business

This ought to now not charge greater than 300 naira.

So in wellknown you will need to get approximately 125,000 naira to atmost a hundred and seventy,000 naira to begin. you may additionally have to search for a vacant store to rent in strategic place.

(i.e ) a residential location with huge amount of human beings the usage of cooking gasoline and additionally an area in which there can be little to zero opposition.

Notice that the charge of beginning exclude the price of renting a store.

So that you will need to attend to that depending on where you will lease it

Minimal amount you’ll be making doing gas business

Taking a 12.5kg cylinder as a case examine, the profit in selling 12kg of gasoline is round 500 naira which means you could buy it at a charge of 2500 naira and promote it for 3000 naira or more relying at the sort of area and class of residence.

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Because of this if you may have your business in a place wherein there may be sufficient residence and clients.

You will be able to promote off atleast 24 to 36kg providing you with a profit of atleast 2000 naira each day.

And agree with me it is able to cross as excessive as 4000 naira every day as quickly as the human beings around you understand and that they have earned your believe.

To get your gasoline you’ll want to go to a fuel plant, GAS station or filling station and inform them you are into fuel business agency, they may register you and and sell gasoline to you at a lesser fee.


You can moreover ought to discover a manner of transporting your 50kg cylinder for refilling.

I consider getting a motorcycle man will do the trick.

If you have any questions let me recognise thru the remark field and percentage this publish with your pals on social media. Thanks for reading.

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