How To Make Money On Social Media As A Student In 2021

I have received many messages on social media (facebook , twitter , Instagram )Like: How am i able to make cash on social media as a pupil?

Student business

That is the form of questions i heard from people on social media.

At the same time as many believes this is not viable, a few others who’ve seen the light knows that is possible.

However how? simply examine on, you will benefit a number of perception.

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One in all my real struggles to learn how to begin my business on social media, became the truth that on occasion as a student we are confronted with a few demanding situations that makes it nearly impossible to begin an offline enterprise.

So i used to be as soon as on the point have been i felt stranded and level-headed with no money to even think of getting 10,000, naira in my account.

There was a coach i was following online some years ago, i couldn’t even buy her route of 5,00 naira yet i favored to.


So in this article, am going to share with you, a few of the challenges you may have as a student:

  • You have got a human beings that doesn’t trust in your business ideas.
  • Can’t get a 8-5 process because of obvious reasons, most employers need to appoint a full time people.
  • No cash to start an offline business.
  • Boom to your private, own family payments, and academic sports.
  • You don’t even have an concept of what enterprise to begin.

Now the first vicinity to start on social media is:

  • What can i do or what can i research?

This morning a career consultant i was speaking to changed into amazed that i now teach social media control.

It is it because i asked myself this identical question.

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Haven studied most of the billionaires we recognize in nigeria, i’m able to boldly inform you that maximum of them are in commercial enterprise of consulting and real estate.

I wouldn’t like to bore you with there names. and consulting can be completed anywhere, social media can be the great area to reach out in your target audience quicker.

  • You may become a digital assistant?

You get paid for assisting commercial enterprise on-line to do precise undertaking they’re too busy to do or that they don’t have the knowledge.


Digital assistant have made such a lot of nigerian youths millionaire (yes).

Recall the quantity so lots of us who provide this carrier on fiverr and upwork made before shifting to the following degree.

It could be a actual start of life for you, and a way to offer this offerings can be watch nearly on youtube.

  • You may end up a teach in your location of knowledge or any location of want on-line. mentoring human beings for money is as smooth as something you can assume.

All you want to do, is to study and gain mastery inside the area you need to mentor human beings in;

Speak approximately it frequently in your social media timeline and earlier than , human beings can be searching everywhere for you.

  • You could promote merchandise on line without always owning those merchandise.

That is the easiest way to make cash, and it’s miles what a does currently.

You’re now not stressing yourself creating merchandise or coping with it.

Someone else does that and also you sell it and stroll away along with your commission.


It’s far referred to as affiliate marketing. and there are quite a few associate advertising and marketing program and platform accessible that you can be a part of without cost.

In recent times while some kids aren’t going to highschool, i don’t sense dejected because i’m now not going out.

Those understanding does not come via staring at but via schooling.

You must be willing to make the greater sacrifice if you desire to construct a profession or a enterprise as a student or at the same time as a stay at domestic mother.

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